College Goal Sunday Scholarship Program

History of the Program

The College Goal Sunday scholarship program in Colorado began with a single lump-sum donation from CollegeInvest that was to be awarded in $1,000 increments to resident students attending a Colorado college.  Since then, as external funds have been more difficult to obtain, the program has shifted from division of one lump sum among winners from each site, to a “promise” program where institutions across the state promise scholarship funds for a student who plans to attend there in the upcoming year.


Current Program Guidelines

Rather than a centralized fund to be divided among winners from each site, the program depends now on $1,000 promises from participating institutions. Entrants must select the one drawing they wish to participate in (for the school they plan to attend). All drawing entries are centralized after the CGS events, and then winners are drawn at random for each participating institution and contacted by the Statewide Coordinator. In order to claim their funds, students must attend the school for which they were chosen. 

After CGS Event: Selection of Winners

State Coordinators will review online entry data and randomly select winners for each offered scholarship. Site Coordinators and/or school liaisons will be notified of the winner for their campus by Mid-March and will also be given the full list of students who entered the drawing for their school. The school contact should reach out to the winner(s) with details about how to claim their funds (see below).

CAFAA will be made aware of the information on all winners for record-keeping and consistency of the program going forward.

General Scholarship Rules:

  1. Students must be attending the school for which their name was drawn. Scholarship is not transferable. If the student does not attend that school, the funds are forfeit.
  2. Funds must be claimed in the Fall and/or Spring semesters for which the award was initially intended, unless the school providing the funds wishes to allow the student to use it differently.
  3. The scholarship can be divided any way the school sees fit, but will not exceed $1,000 for the academic year.
  4. Students must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program or eligible non-degree program as determined by the Financial Aid Office at their institution.
  5. Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive scholarship funds (this will be monitored on each campus via normal SAP guidelines).
  6. Students must be Colorado residents with a current FAFSA on file at their institution.

General Scholarship Procedure:

  1. Students selected will be notified in March following CGS via the email address provided on the scholarship drawing entry form (non-winners will not be notified)
  2. The Financial Aid offices at participating institutions will be notified via email in March of “their” winner.
  3. Around October 1st, schools will be contacted by Statewide Coordinator to follow up about the winner of their scholarship (did they attend, was scholarship disbursed, etc.)
  4. A preliminary report will be delivered by the Statewide Coordinator at the annual CAFAA business meeting in October of the same year (by this time, students claiming funds would be halfway through their fall semester).
  5. Around October 15th, winners who did not claim their prizes will be emailed for follow-up by school representatives.
  6. Final reporting will be done by February 1st, of the following year, and a final report submitted to CAFAA executive board soon after.

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